Top counselling in higher education at affordable prices - from experienced practitioners

  • specialised in higher education and university medicine across the world
  • for present and future students, management, teaching and research as well as non-academic staff, research organisations and political instances
  • based on the principles of ‘social enterprise’ with tariffs adapted to the available financial means
  • conflict management advice even before internal university or judicial steps (lawyer)
  • staff recruitment support 
  • coaching, interview training, leadership talks etc
  • a large network of international experts
  • 100% confidentiality

Our innovative solutions

Political counselling and evaluations

SimplyUni advises on university policies and structures. We have also developed a novel short and efficacious method for (auto-)evaluation of institutions of higher education and their internal structures at reduced cost. Naturally, we also support you in optimizing your evaluation documents and presentations when other agencies carry out the evaluation. Optimisation is a crucial step to succes in any evaluation.

Leadership teams, teaching, research and non-academic staff, recruitment 

We offer individual and 100% confidential advice, e.g. on strategy, coaching, recruitment, communication at all levels, career questions, conflict management, short or long work abroad etc.

Present and future Students

We offer individual advice far beyond information available on the internet.

Examples: What should I study? Where? Studies abroad – how important? When? Where? Cost? What will happen after my studies at home or abroad?