Our individual counselling, mediation and conflict management

High-School/A-level students, University students at all levels including PhDs

  • What should I study?

        Examples of questions to discuss: What subject should I choose? Cost and benefits? Career pathways? Should I swap to another subject? Should I abandon my studies?

  • Studies abroad

       Should I study abroad? When? Where? When should I return – if at all? Cost?

  • Career pathways in higher education and research

Am I ready for a university (or equivalent) career? Alternatives? What are my professional life concepts? 

  • How to approach/resolve a conflict

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Teaching/research and non-academic staff 

Examples of questions to discuss:

  • How to approach/resolve a conflict with my PhD supervisor?
  • Or with my line manager or subordinate?
  • With a colleague?
  • How to approach my line manager with a complaint?
  • How to organise a mediation process?
  • How to improve my chances for promotion?
  • Short- and long-term work abroad or emigration
  • Career opportunities outside of academia

Our approach

We analyse your situation in detail and in permanent dialogue with you (email, oral, your documents, tests where necessary) in order to support you to find the best answers.   

Naturally, it is ultimately up to you to find the definitive solution, but our long and wide experience in the academic world will provide invaluable support. Please, note that we generally will not repeat information that is freely available, particularly on the internet. Our advice is individual and strategic.

Conflicts: We advise you on the basis of a very long academic experience, both from the point of view of a victim as well as a decision maker/line manager/university leader in academic conflicts. Hence, our advice takes into account the likely views from both sides. It is generally advisable to contact us before you take any internal or legal steps, but we can also help you at crucial points of an internal or legal action – which often is costly and risky. 


We guarantee 100% confidentiality of all our discussions. We are external to your institution which is a major advantage excluding any conflicts of interest. We decline counselling in case of any perceived or real conflict of interest, either on your or on our side.