Tariffs (english)

In line with our concept of  ‘social business’ our  tariffs are adapted to our clients’ means


Preliminary discussions are free of charge 

Details will be discussed on an individual basis, but in principle, we operate 3 cost models.

Model 1

Flat rate for a defined service

The standard tariff for Western Europe will be multiplied with the ‘Purchase Power Parity (PPP)’ of the partner country to obtain a fair and equitable tarif (example: generation of guidelines for Quality Assurance for an institution of higher education).

Example: Adaptation to PPP

A service of €10,000 in Western Europe will be billed € 2,000 in a country with a PPP of 0.2.

Model 2

Billing by hour of work, adapted to the PPP as explained above.

Model 3

In some countries we accept payment in local currency. This may be a solution in situations where there is limited availability of convertible currencies  (e.g. US dollars, EUROS, Pounds Sterling etc.).

Please note:

To reduce cost we often accept for our partners to organise travelling, accommodation and sustenance for site visits by their own staff (optional).

Individual Counselling

Email, SKYPE, Facetime, Jitsi, telephone etc

Please, contact us by email at


for an inital free contact via SKYPE, Facetime, Jitsi, telephone etc. For the actual counselling we generally charge €100/hour (all taxes included). This tarif will be reduced in line with the PPP (see example under ‘Model 1’ on the left). In the rare situation where there is no line free of charge, phone charges will be on you, but in many cases we will be able to phone you back at our cost, especially for the high tariffs from Africa, the Near East, Asia etc.

We will negotiate the best conditions free of charge during our inital call/email exchange. 

Other services

The individual tariffs are calculated on a ‘per country’ basis. The basic tariff is €100/hour of work (all taxes included) for Western Europe. For other countries, it will be multiplied by the ‘Purchase Power Parity (PPP)’ – see on the left of this page (e.g. €20/hour for a country with a PPP of 0.2).

In certain cases, a ‘face-to-face’ meeting may be organised.


The optimal payment method will be negotiated, but in general, it is via bank transfer or via PayPal (quicker).

Please note:

We do not engage in illegal or unfair practices such as essay or thesis writing etc. for students. However, we are happy to advise you on the best way to resolve problems with these and similar issues.