Innovant: Informational interviews can prepare students for our hypercompetitive economy

My comment on an innovative method for improving job applicants’ chances just published by Derrick Rancourt in ‘University Affairs’, a key Canadian Journal of Higher Education:   

‘In my view this is one of the most insightful comments I have ever read about student career counselling. The practice of such intrviews is not only training but a way to slowly find on’s own way in life by a. reflecting what to say; and then, b. importantly, formulate these reflections which will make them much clearer.

I often conduct similar informational interviews in my daily activity, but Dr. Rancourts advice to replace large numbers of often futile job applications by a prelimiary series of informational interviews seems to me a great way forward for many students. The approach, however, begs the question as to who has the time and stamina to conduct such a large number of interviews….
 Link to the original paper:

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